Verification of Competency

( VOC)

Verification of Competency  ( VOC )

Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments are used to ensure staff can operate equipment in complete safety. If they can do so according to requirements of the work site it also means substantial savings for their employer. It is better that operators are assessed as competent beforehand rather than damaging machinery due to poor skills.

Assessing for Verification of Competency enables businesses to confirm that their employees are competent in their skills and using equipment. It is commonly used by many industries for pre-employment checks or prior to contractual employment.

VOC assessment also provides an alternate pathway for individuals to maintain their eligibility to operate equipment. Say for example that someone’s High Risk Work Licence to drive a forklift had recently expired. The operator is obviously still competent and could easily demonstrate their skill via a Verification of Competency Assessment.

The VOC would only be needed to check that they are still competent, if this is the case you only need to attend a licence assessment. This eliminates the need to attend any further formal training. It also reduces work down-time and additional costs associated with that.

Naturally the individual would need to submit proof that they are qualified for those tasks. Things such as log books, testimonials and/or letter(s) from employer(s) stating their employment in this capacity would be necessary.
But what if the Verification of Competency Assessment found that they were not competent? The individual would then be advised of any Gap Training they’d need to undertake in order to be deemed competent again.

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